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The coming year 2024 is just around the corner. So, everyone is busy planning where to go to see the most amazing New year’s fireworks at midnight. As in this concern, there are many amazing and interesting places across the globe, but this time we are pleased to inform you that Dubai is the trendiest and most attractive place to enjoy your New Year’s eve.

Why do you prefer New Year’s eve in Dubai?

There are different reasons why you prefer to enjoy your New Year’s eve in Dubai. Since Dubai is cosmopolitan, cities and different nations are living there. Every nation has its own culture, trends, and celebrations. As a whole, one can enjoy the different types of tastes in Dubai.

Since then, the successful achievement obtained by Expo Dubai after Covid-19, the whole world is looking up to Dubai for both fun and business. Therefore, the city has become a mega attraction for tourists more than ever. Dubai has never seen such a place as now is totally in the mood to rock the world with the best so far.

Places to Visit for New Year Eve in Dubai:

  1. Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina
  2. Luxury Yacht
  3. Burj Khalifa Fireworks
  4. Luxury Limo Rental Dubai
  5. BBQ Dinner and Dance at Desert Safari
  6. Dance Night at Dubai Opera
  7. Global Village New year celebrations
  8. Edge Sky Walk Dubai
  9. Palm Jumeirah Fireworks
  10. Dubai Fountain Lake Ride
  11. The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Dhow cruise Dubai marina

Dhow Cruise is one of the top attractions and traditional wooden boats in Dubai. You just enjoy your New Year eve by seeing the high-rise buildings, and the waterfall around you.  It is specialized for dinner on New Year’s eve in Dubai.

In addition to this, one of the fantastical parts is that Dubai’s shallow water bodies are the core support and integral part of local pearl and industry. As there are 3 main locations of Dhow Cruise Dubai i.e., Dhow cruise Dubai marina, dhow cruise Dubai canal, and dhow cruise Dubai creek. You just have to book a table for your dinner with your family or friends and celebrate New Year’s eve.

We offer dhow cruise Dubai Marina including Ocean Empress Dinner Cruise, Alexandra dhow cruise Dubai Marina and Sunset Dinner Cruise Dubai. When you arrive, our staff welcome you with Arabic tea with dates. They check your tickets and send you to your reserved table for dinner. So, this time when you decide to spend your New Year’s eve at some place; do not forget to book a dhow cruise in Dubai Marina. We assure you that you will definitely enjoy the luxury experience, quality food, and entertainment.

Luxury New Year Yacht Party

new year yacht

If you are worried about the venue and places to spend your New Year’s eve with someone special and make it memorable, do not worry you are at the right place. Dubai is an emerging place for every type of life occasion. Eventually, it includes not only business but also includes part, fun, entertainment, and New Year’s eve plans and dinners.

Although there are different places in Dubai where you can enjoy your New Year’s eve yacht party, this time party on a yacht in the middle of the Arabian Sea with attractive fireworks is the most demanding and attractive place right now. Just imagine! You are dressed up to enjoy your New Year with your fiancée at the most attractive venue in the world, i.e., Dubai on your luxury rental yacht. You just hang out with your friends and make your celebrations or gatherings memorable for the rest of the year!

MALA TOURS offers you only one yacht cruise dinner named Lotus Mega Yacht Cruise Dinner. Its starting price from AED 199. Otherwise, we have a range of yachts according to the number of people for your celebrations. Our Yachting celebrations include yacht charter weddings, yacht birthday parties, get together, yacht family gatherings, and many more.

Burj Khalifa Fireworks


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Since New Year Eve in Dubai sees a spectacular display of fireworks. It will mark the good times ahead. Tourists and locals flock in thousands to catch a glimpse and concentrate around the Dubai Fountain, Burj Park, Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Jumeirah beach and sometimes bang in the middle of the roads!

If you have plans to travel within Dubai on New Year’s Eve, make sure you reach your destination before 10 PM. The roads are blocked until 12 AM as everyone is trying to score a good spot to watch the fireworks. Just buy your Burj Khalifa ticket in advance for yourself and the people with whom you want to enjoy it. After yacht venue and adventure, it is one of the best fireworks watch places in Dubai as well as across the whole world.

Luxury Limo Rental Dubai

Are you looking for a classy ride on New Year Eve in Dubai? Explore a wide selection of luxury limousines to accommodate every type of travel demand from Limo rental Dubai. MALA Tours is a leading limo rental service based in Dubai. We all want to make the remarkable events of our life unforgettable.

We have Ford Raptor Limo, Nissan Patrol Limo, Pink Limo Rental Dubai, GMC Gucci XXL, Infiniti Qx80, and many more. All have different passenger capacities. It would be a great decision if you hire a limo rental on your New Year’s eve from your hotel to the Dubai roads trip. Finally, you are dropped off at Dubai Marina or where you want.

To limousine service in Dubai, the following are the easiest steps for you:

  • Pick up from your location.
  • Access to the comfortable limousine.
  • A smart chauffeur service.
  • Drop off at your location.

Moreover, we have the biggest limo fleet in Dubai with the most affordable prices. We can say proudly we have no competitor in customer satisfaction and prices.

BBQ Dinner and Dance at Desert Safari

BBQ Dinner and Dance at Desert Safari

Desert Safari is one of the famous activities in Dubai. Most often, when people have arranged an enjoyable trip to Dubai, they must visit the Desert Safari. It has its own natural beauty and venue. Camping in the Desert Safari with your loved ones, having a BBQ dinner and belly dancing in front of you, makes you calm and relaxed.

Enjoy a traditional barbecue feast and live entertainment in a desert tent as part of an exhilarating desert safari that also includes romping across giant red sand dunes. Additionally, this tour is ideal for people with a thirst for adventure, whether it be in extreme sports, trying out exotic cuisine, or discovering new cultural practices. Since it delivers a genuine cultural experience while also giving visitors a night off from the glitz and glamour of Dubai.

In the afternoon, depart Dubai for a vacation to the desert, where you may ride quad bikes through the dunes and feast on a BBQ. Reach the desert via a four-wheel drive, hop on a quad bike, and prepare for an exhilarating ride. Even travel over rough ground, race through sand dunes, then pause to snapshots of the brilliant desert sunset. After that take a camel ride, and then arrive at a stunning desert tent where you may relax by the light of your torches at the end of your New Year eve. Savor a classic dessert BBQ while watching sparkling belly dancers’ performers twirl over the sands.

Dance Night at Dubai Opera

Dance Night at Dubai Opera

When used as an event hire concept, the proscenium arch theatre at the Dubai Opera can be converted into a flat floor area with a unique banquet layout. It can accommodate up to 1,000 guests for events including New Year Eve celebrations, weddings, gala dinners, fashion displays, product launches, exhibitions, and more.

In the matter of New Year eve, you can celebrate your evening at Dubai Opera. You can make your videos, snap streaks, and even TikTok to show your level of excitement on New Year eve. It will then ultimately show the facilities and upgrade status of Dubai across the globe.

The unique feature is that you enjoy the dance party, and gathering with some drink along with your friends. The DJ is ready and after the countdown, a huge music and dance will start. No doubt, at New Year eve, the house is full but pre-booking will help you to avail the moments. You can capture your moments at your desired place. There is no doubt that Dubai Opera is going all out to ensure your new year starts with a bang! 

Global Village New year celebrations

global village tickets

The Global Village, one of Dubai’s most anticipated family entertainment events, is a vast cultural display. Therefore, this cosmopolitan community attracts shoppers and tourists from around the world. If have a plan to celebrate New Year’s eve in Dubai and you’re simply there for the fireworks, you may be surprised. Because things are only getting started when they light up the sky. Dubai’s magnificence and warmth are hard to find anywhere.

A global village is a Dubai event where many nationalities set up pavilions, offering culture, shopping, cuisine, and more. Each nation has a pavilion where their distinctive offerings delight and thrill tourists. Here, thousands of stores sell worldwide items and specialties. Adults and kids may enjoy theatre and rides. In pavilions, visitors may see colossal exhibitions and cultural displays from over 70 countries, exhibiting their features.

Buy Global Village Tickets

Edge Sky Walk Dubai

Edge Sky Walk Dubai

Sky Walk Dubai is one of the most recent public attractions. The Sky Walk connects the two Sky View Towers. It is the world’s longest footbridge. Prepare for an adrenaline rush on New Year’s eve celebration in Dubai as you mount the building 220 meters above ground level.

Further, the Sky Walk is one of Dubai’s most current exhilarating activities, and everyone is trying it out. The Tower’s main port is the first of its kind, and passengers are excited to take to the sky and experience the full circle hands-free stroll. As you defy gravity, take in the breathtaking vistas of Dubai’s sparkling skyline. With nothing but thin air between you and the sights, this takes thrill-seeking to the next level for your New Year celebrations.

Palm Jumeirah Fireworks


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If you want to start the New Year with a glittering firework show but are put off by the crowds, Palm Jumeirah is the place to be. The less-hyped Palm offers a range of settings to enjoy the colorful sky’s layering effects.

The Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk, an 11-kilometer promenade along the inviting edge of the water. It is open to the public and is one of the best sites to experience the awe at New Year eve celebrations. If you choose to avoid the crowds, you may still enjoy the fireworks because most of the hotels here arrange viewing areas and events for their visitors.

Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

Taking a boat ride around the Dubai Fountain’s lagoon is a fantastic way to ring on New Year’s eve in Dubai. This Dubai New Year’s Eve adventure is a one-of-a-kind voyage on the traditional water boat along the stunning Dubai Fountain.

A 900-foot-tall fountain, which shoots water and dances to the beats of live music, can be seen from the lake ride and has numerous musical and light presentations. Moreover, A trip on the lake with the world’s highest performing fountain will be the highlight of your New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dubai, with its lit skyscrapers, fireworks, and breathtaking scenery.

Without seeing Dubai Fountain, the world’s largest musical fountain, a visit to Dubai would be lacking. The nicest aspect is that it’s a recurring event that doesn’t cost anything. What really puts the cherry on top of a New Year’s Eve in Dubai is seeing the water fountain perform amongst a backdrop of pyrotechnics. There’s no way you can afford to miss this on Dubai’s New Year’s Eve if you want to experience something really extraordinary.

The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence

The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence is the heart of Dubai’s nightlife. It boasts a beautiful boulevard and beach front lined with hotels, restaurants, and boutiques. This hotel is ideal for first-time visitors to Dubai because it provides a sense of the city’s culture and atmosphere. Since the balconies of most hotels are directly on the water, guests may enjoy a prime view of any fireworks displays without having to leave their rooms.

As an alternative, there is a wide selection of eateries open on New Year’s Eve. The big event, however, occurs at midnight on the beach and features a fireworks display. There’s no need to reserve a spot because the coastline is over a mile long and anyone can walk right on. It’s only necessary to make a reservation when you want to eat at one of the many restaurants.


In Last, after detailed information about the things to do on New Year’s Eve in Dubai, Mala Tours always recommends to you those places that you actually like. In our opinion, you should hire a Limo rental in Dubai for you. Besides this, reserve your dinner table at our available dhow cruise dinner at Dubai Marina. We ensure that this will make your New Year and New Year’s eve the most memorable occasion in your life.

Additionally, we have different categories of yachts including 50 feet Riva Yacht, 48 Feet Majesty, Desert Rose Yacht Dubai, and much more. So, plan out your trip with loved ones and reserve your celebration place along with a Limo rental in Dubai in no time. Happy New Year and New Year Eve in Dubai!

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