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2014 is just around the corner and everyone is busy planning where to go to see the most amazing fireworks at midnight. Forget about Times Square and Sydney, this time if you plan to welcome the New Year with something different and totally incredible, head towards Dubai because the place is ready to get saturated!
Since the news about Expo 2020 is out, the whole world is looking up to Dubai for both fun and business. The city has become a mega attraction for tourists more than ever. Dubai has never seen such and is totally in the mood to rock the world with the best so far.
When it comes to celebrating New Year Eve, the first thing that attracts tourists from all around the world is the amazing fireworks. You know what the most interesting this year is; it is the promise Dubai has made to show the world’s most amazing and record-breaking fireworks at Burj Khalifa. Could there be a better place…we hope not.
Burj Khalifah is the tallest building in the world and has the most beautiful architecture that you can see. It surely is a masterpiece once you see it in person. Standing at the base, looking up…it seems as if the top is touching the sky. Imagine what it looks like when it lights up the sky in colors.
That’s not all; Downtown Dubai also gets showered in color and light. If you wish to see something amazing you’ll never forget; it’s the fireworks show there. It is so amazing that you should definitely see it. The whole place becomes something out of this world.
You must have heard about the light and water show at Dubai Festival City Mall; New Year Eve is the perfect time to see it…because you have to see it to believe it. From the surface of the waters to the heights of the sky, all you see are lights, colors, laser lights, and fireworks dancing in harmony with the rhythm of the music. One just forgets about the world while watching a show like this. It’s simply fantastic and incredible.
The night is still not over; every being in Dubai celebrates New Year’s night till dawn. The streets are filled with food festivals. Give them a try and your taste buds will thank you! Public places have all arranged music shows for families. So everyone enjoys it for sure. Hotels have made special arrangements to make their customers comfortable and a fun place to stay.
Dubai welcomes the world all year round but New Year Eve is the best time of the year to visit this place. Every place in Dubai is filled with something new and interesting to see and experience. Every soul is more than happy and merry. Dubai celebrates the arrival of New Year with hopes and resolutions, smiles and happiness, lights and colors, and everything else one can wish. It is a lifetime experience for it comes after a year, and this time it is going to be even better.


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